I am back in the UK and starting a new art collection …

I am back in the UK and starting a new art collection …

Hello art collectors, friends and followers of my art! I hope you have had a great Easter weekend. I am writing from the campervan parked on top of cliffs in Devon watching the beautiful ocean! It is good to be back in the van!


You may already know that me and my partner Harry have been out of the UK for 4 months, snowboarding in Japan and then exploring the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. We had the big surprise whilst away that I am pregnant!


We arrived back to the UK a couple of weeks ago so have been getting settled in to life back home. Harry has been making preparations to take my art studio to the next level (woohoo I am excited and will post update pics when I have them!).


I have started work on a new series of original abstract floral artworks called “The Energy In Nature” inspired by my time in Thailand. Think energetic brushstrokes and vibrant colours...

Artist painting abstract artwork on the beach in Thailand


Whilst in Koh Phangan I was mesmerised by the bright vibrant colours, the interesting shaped leaves and the sounds and hum of nature all around. It made me feel inspired and excited by life. 

We hope to spend at least several months here on the island with our new baby next year! 

Teal kitesurf wall art for a beachy interior


Another fun update is I have been adding beautiful photos Harry took in Thailand to my Etsy store. I find it really fun that I have been painting aerial perspectives of the ocean for years and Harry has been photographing the ocean from the sky for years ... now we can come together and collaborate! Sharing our stories of adventures around the world through artwork and photography creations.

The photo above shows a kitesurfer enjoying the crystal clear teal ocean in Thailand. It makes a beautiful piece of wall art for a classy beachy interior. If you would like to check it out you can head to my Etsy store by clicking HERE.

Anyway, that is all for now ... you can sign up to my mailing list if you would like to hear about the upcoming new series of artworks!


Much Love, Natalie

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