I am inspired by the energy in nature .....

I am inspired by the energy in nature .....

I am working on a new abstract floral art series I am calling "The Energy In Nature". I love it when ideas pop into my consciousness and excite me ... I then know it is my job to bring the idea to life. 

On my recent travels to Koh Phangnan in Thailand I felt really aware that nature feels so ALIVE there. Everything is buzzing and vibrant with life ... the sounds of the birds and creatures, the brightly coloured foliage and ocean, the smells of the rich dense rainforest. It had me pondering in my hammock that behind all of the natural world is an energy that is keeping everything alive and connected. I had the idea to paint artwork that is about this energy in nature.

I love pink and green artwork ... the colours just work so well together .... so those will most likely be my primary colour pallet for the series of artworks.

I have REALLY been having a lot of fun painting abstract floral art. I work with big loose, free brushstrokes, splashing paint around and generally following my intuition. 

What else I am pondering ...

If you know me personally or have followed me for a while you will know I am passionate about living the F**K out of life. I have this strong desire to live well and live my biggest dreams. My dreams for the future are to travel with my baby (that is currently in my belly!), my amazing partner Harry and both of our artforms (he is a videographer and drone pilot).

I am sure lots of people think we are slightly mad for wanting to live in different countries with a baby ... but luckily for me I have never suffered from making life decisions based on what others opinions are! We are ALL different and I embrace that! One of my best friends in the world couldn't think of anything worse than travelling with a baby ... but we love and support each others dreams so thats what matters to me!

I am excited for us to travel to more tropical locations next year. In the meantime we are here in the UK right now and planning on making the most of it. We are planning on getting a bigger camper van for longer extended trips. And of course we are looking forward to welcoming our little girl into the world at the end of August. 


My New Studio 

Now I am back in the UK I am making the most of having the space to paint bigger artworks again. Harry is the best boyfriend in the world, so has been making my art studio much more useable. PLEASE NOTE IT IS STILL A MESS!! Next step I will paint it all white and put some flooring down so I have a nice "black canvas" room to paint in! I love that my surfboard, kiteboard (and soon my wakeboard) are hanging on the back wall! 




Ok thats all for now, if you would like to keep up to date with my new creations and what I am up to in the studio just sign up to my newsletter below!


Much Love


Natalie xxx


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