Just Imagine: Cirencester Art Exhibition

When WWF asked me if I would like to bring together a group local artists to all paint/create/draw how we would LOVE to see the future for our planet, it felt incredibly aligned.
Around 12 months ago I got really clear that I was ready to start an art project focusing on the future of our beautiful planet. I really wanted to focus on how things COULD be and how I wanted to see things. I wanted to paint hope and vision .
I started my first couple of pieces of art and this is when I spotted WWF & Attenborough film were hosting an art competition called "Just Imagine", which was on exactly the same theme - how could things look if we put nature at the heart of our decisions?
The brief was what would our rebuilt future look like if we put nature at the heart of our decisions? Would we be living differently, communicating differently, have a better understanding of how we live alongside our natural world?
I had a strong feeling as soon as I saw the competition, that I would be a winner. Not in an arrogant way, but just one of those weird feelings you can't deny!
I was so excited when I got the email to say I was one of 12 winners after 650 artists took part.
I continued painting further artworks inspired by how our future could look if we put nature first. I bought 20 something canvasses and had SO many ideas so just started painting them.
A few months later was when they asked if I would like to bring this project to my local community of artists and organise an exhibition.
Of course I said YES.
I found 3 artists who I felt totally got the brief. I was quite particular about who I wanted to be part of this project because I needed to find VISIONARY artists. Artists who could think beyond what they are seeing right now.
These artists are Sue Mansfield, Bee Operanto and Steve Antony.
Sue sees the world in a wonderfully unique way and we had great conversations discussing how amazing it would be to see humans open their hearts to nature. How a shift in conciousness is what we desired to see happen. She weaves story into her art. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw the first piece she completed for the project.
Bee was very inspiring and energising to talk to about the project. I loved hearing her ideas about how focusing on what we want is so important and she would love to see buildings and wind turbines blend in more visually with nature. She was also very passionate talking about how creative CHILDREN are and how they can come up with wonderful ideas. Bee offered to organise a childrens workshop with a friend of hers, so now we will have 8 young people also painting and drawing what they would love to see in the future for our planet.
Steve, I first saw in a local magazine. He had recently illustrated an updated version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. But this wasn't any Chitty ... it was an electric Chitty ... I thought YES this is perfect. Another childrens book Steve recently illustrated is called "You Can" and is based on the thoughts, hopes and wishes of a group of young people. As soon as I read the article I knew Steve was a visionary and I wanted him to be a part of this project.
So on the 6th November we will be opening the 7 day exhibition in Cirencester. We have around 20 pieces of art to be displayed (ok maybe more like 30!) and it will be amazing. I know that sounds rather over confident but I really do think it will be an amazing visual feast
We are running the exhibition at the same time as COP26 in Glasgow.
Triple Two Coffee in Cirencester are hosting us for the week so some on down and check out some art.
12pm-3pm on the 6th November is the "Meet the artists" session and I would love to see lots of your faces.
Natalie x

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