The story of my new artwork “Bursting Into Life”

It all began with my amazing friend Jessie telling me she kept having this idea pop in her mind that I should paint a tiger in a tropical jungle. I let the idea stew for a while and after having dreams about tigers, seeing beautiful tiger pictures everywhere, I decided my creative spirit wanted to bring this idea to life. So I picked a big 120cmx120cm canvas and on a beautiful spring day I got set up in the garden. I always paint my artwork in many layers so I was not overthinking the first layers too much as I knew much of it would be painted over and just glimpses would show through.



So I got loose with my paintbrush! It was so fun. I wasn’t thinking, planning or trying for it to look “good”. I was in the flow. I was splashing paint all over the place. Dancing around like an idiot. Doing all sorts of random brush strokes.

It was only when I stepped back from my “background that would be painted over” that I realised I loved it. It had a certain aliveness and energy to it!



I currently have the piece hanging at my airbnb property and I have to say, it makes me feel happy every time I see it.

I am really enjoying creating artwork inspired by the abundance of green and colour in foliage and plants. I think this might be a new thing for me!



I have put the artwork on my website and it is ready for a new home. The price is £750 and the artwork is 120cmx120cm. International shipping is available just ask me for a quote! Click Here To View The Artwork.

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