The Unknown Is Where The Magic Happens

I meditate pretty much every day and I love it. Callum and I seem to be deep diving more and more into spirituality and it feels like the blinkers that are coming off. A big influence for us both is an amazing man called Joe Dispenza. 

Many of us are just recreating the same things over and over again. We wake up, check our phone, go to the toilet, brush our teeth the same way, make our coffee the same way, see the same people, do the same work and have the same emotions every day. If you believe that your thoughts create your reality you can see how this means we are pretty much just recreating the day before. The magic happens in the unknown. The unknown can be strange and scary. It might not make logical sense ... but it is where all the amazing surprises happen. 

This is what you can tune into through meditation ... the unknown! This also is where much of my creative inspiration comes from. I don't "own" inspiration or ideas. The inspiration and ideas are just an energy I am tapping into and saying "yes I will bring this idea to life".

See if you can trust in the unknown a little bit more today. It might be an urge to do something, it might be an urge to take a course or call someone. I can pretty much guarantee it might be something that seems a little bit illogical but don't let your analytical mind fool you .. your intuition KNOWS what you want.

Natalie Ellis Resin Art Meditation

I have an example of how following the "unknown" led me to getting the art studio space I had in the UK. At this point in time I was creating my resin artwork from my Nans garage. It was working out well but I was getting distracted a lot and felt a little frustrated. I have a big crazy loud family who are wonderful people but are popping in and out of my Nans home every day. Which is great fun, but I really enjoy creating with no distractions. I just want to follow my own flow and creativity. So I was getting a little restless and knew I wanted to find a studio. Anyway .. one day I was driving to my Nans and I got to the end of her road when I saw my Mum, 2 uncles and cousin (I LOVE YOU ALL!) at the end of the driveway. A pigeon literally flew right in front of my windscreen and I got the biggest urge to drive in the opposite direction. It didn't make sense to drive in the opposite direction because I had lots to do and was very busy but I just trusted the feeling and started driving. I didn't know where I was going but it seemed I was guided to where I was meant to go. There was a road closed by a police car so I followed the diversion which led me to the "Old Town" area. I parked up and just started wandering around. I just tried to follow my feelings. I am fully aware this sounds a bit cuckoo!!! But I had been reading lots about following urges and feelings so decided to give it a go. I had the feeling to go to my friends co-working Office "Desk Cowork". My friend Matt wasn't there but there were a few people I knew. I started talking about a new idea I had to run a "Paint Party" night for friends. Everyone loved it and I decided to give it a go. On the way out I bumped into Matt and he asked if I had been into "Oink Gallery" yet (it was a pretty new Gallery and I had recently got back from my ski season in Japan & France). I hadn't so he told me to go and say hello to the owner Mark. I went to the Gallery, spoke to the owner and guess what? He had an empty room at the back of his gallery perfect to use as my studio. Not only that but it was literally a 30 second walk from my front door at the time. We came up with a great agreement and it served as a wonderful studio for several months before I moved to the land downunder.

The moral of this story is there is a super easy and smooth way to everything you want you just have to follow your feelings. You might have a packed out calendar and a million things that you think you need to do. But what if there is an easier and smoother way to get what you want? Make some space in your life for the unknown today :)


Love Nat x





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  • Awwww thank you so much darling :D

    Natalie Ellis
  • I love this post, Nat! You’re such an inspiration. And this website if yours is stunning!! Just like your art and you! ❤️

    Milli Abrams

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