Winner of WWF & Attenborough Film Competition

Winner of WWF & Attenborough Film Competition

I am really excited to have been one of 12 winners of WWF & Attenborough Films competition called "Just Imagine". Around 650 artists entered and the 12 winners artwork will be shown on a roadshow around the UK hopefully starting this year. 

The brief for the competition was to imagine a future where nature is put at the heart of our decisions and was based on the film from David Attenborough "A Life On Our Planet".

When I saw the brief my jaw hit the floor.

I had already been starting a project I had called A Future We Love and was around the idea of using my art and imagination to focus on how beautiful our future could be if we make changes now. 

So when I saw the competition, it felt like it was made for me and I had this intuitive feeling I had already won. 

The piece I entered is called The Golden Road To Renewal. It is inspired by an aerial view looking down on a part of the earth that is beginning to renew and come back to life. The bottom left corner shows a golden bridge over barren land, and then over the bridge is green and abundance growing back. It was quite a journey painting this and I never knew it would turn out like this.


wwf attenborough film art competition Just Imagine


This artwork will be exhibited around the UK with the 11 other winning artworks with the aim to start conversations in communities.

In the mean time there is a virtual gallery where you can view the winning artworks here:

Excited to see how this unfolds!

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