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Abundant AF

Abundant AF

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This whole art project is around the idea of how beautiful the future could be if we use our imaginations for positive change. I have found in my own life that when I use my imagination for what I want, rather than what I don’t want, great things happen and I take aligned action towards that vision.  

My hope with this art project is to spark conversation of how amazing the future COULD be for our planet and for all of us.

There is a famous quote “without a vision, people perish”. Right now there is a lot of fear around the environment and the destruction that has taken place. It can feel almost insurmountable to create the level of change that needs to happen. It is easier to bury our heads in the sand and pretend like it isn’t happening. 

But if collectively we have a shared vision of a really positive future, then it is possible that great solutions and ideas we haven’t yet thought of, come to fruition. 

Mixed Media On Canvas 110cm x 110cm


Part of the Just Imagine project in collaboration with WWF. Earlier in 2021 I won the Just Imagine competition by WWF & Attenborough film. The artist brief was to imagine a future where people and nature can thrive in harmony. What would our rebuilt future look like if we put nature at the heart of our decisions?

Since winning the competition with the artwork “The Golden Bridge To Renewal” I have gone on the create many further artworks to inspire a positive future. I take inspiration from how I would love to see the future for humanity and the planet.


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