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A View From Above 2

A View From Above 2

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Earlier this year I became very inspired by stunning aerial images of the earth. The earth really is a work of art. There is something so unique about zooming out and seeing things from a higher perspective. 

The inspiration behind my aerial perspective artwork is the idea that when we zoom out from the little details of our own day to day lives and look at life and the earth from a much higher perspective, we can see things differently. When we see things differently, we make decisions differently. 

In this vision for a brighter future, world leaders, business leaders and individuals have considered the impact of their actions and made changes to put nature at the heart of decisions. 

Mixed Media on Canvas 120cm x 120cm


Part of the Just Imagine project in collaboration with WWF. Earlier in 2021 I won the Just Imagine competition by WWF & Attenborough film. The artist brief was to imagine a future where people and nature can thrive in harmony. What would our rebuilt future look like if we put nature at the heart of our decisions?

Since winning the competition with the artwork “The Golden Bridge To Renewal” I have gone on the create many further artworks to inspire a positive future. I take inspiration from how I would love to see the future for humanity and the planet.


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