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Cotswold Lake - SOLD

Cotswold Lake - SOLD

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This piece of unique resin art was created with feelings of awe for the beauty of the world we live in. With amazement for the colours that are created by the water. And gratitude for being able to experience all of this. The artwork was created out of pure intuition and the easiest way to describe it, is that it just flowed out of me!

I was wake-boarding, flying over the water and there are the most magical colours when I look down. The stony bottom of the lake, the green reeds flowing in the water and the most incredible colours of the water that glint differently in different lights.


In fact that is what I love most about this piece. In certain lights it brings out a turquoisy blue and in other light it is more of a lake green. So it is a continually changing piece. The flecks of gold glint in the light and the shiny surface makes the colour pop. There are flecks of deep purple too. It is a piece that you can stare into to find all the different details.

  • 123cm x 60cm x 2.5 cm. Created using Resin with a mixture of paints and pigments on a custom made wooden art board.
  • This artwork is suitable for a home, as well as high-end Hotels, restaurants, offices or similar. It brings a peaceful feel to a room and the shiny resin finish makes it an impressive feature to a room.
  • For every art sale you are helping me on my mission to donate inspiring, life changing personal development books for those who most want to change their life and need help.


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