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Moving Sands SOLD

Moving Sands SOLD

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There is something very hypnotic about looking into the ocean and seeing the sand moving below you. Almost like the ocean is breathing! “Moving Sands” is a layered resin artwork. There is gold detail underneath the blue and turquoise, which catches the light in the sun.


  • 61cm x 61cm x 2.5cm. Resin mixed with a variety of paints and pigments on a custom made wooden art board.


  • Suitable for an array of interiors such as home, as well as hotels, restaurants, offices or similar. It brings a vibrant, inspiring feel to a room and the shiny resin finish with metallic colours makes it an impressive feature.


  • Accompanied with a signed certificate of authenticity


  • The work will be extremely well packaged to ensure safe delivery, and will come with an envelope including certificate of Authenticity and a thank you for helping me on my mission to donate life changing inspirational books for those most in need.


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