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Ocean Currents

Ocean Currents

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This is an original artwork on canvas. To purchase a printed reproduction of this artwork click here.

This is an original ocean-inspired artwork created using a variety of paints, inks, and mediums. My process started with pouring different paints onto the canvas and allowing them to merge to create interesting effects. Once dry I then hand-painted over the top of the details to make them “pop”. Original artwork brings certain energy or feeling into a space. It brings details to look at, colors to ponder, and textures to look at in different lights.

On this particular piece, the edges are painted white.

Title: Ocean Currents (Available for immediate shipping)

Artist: Natalie Ellis ©

Size: 100cm x 70cm .

MEDIUM: Professional Acrylic Paints.

Professional Gallery Canvas.

Original Painting on a 3.8cm deep canvas.

Ready to hang


My creative process as an artist is partly spontaneous and partly planned. My paintings often change over time as I am working on them and they regularly surprise me!
I feel like I am on a journey with my paintings - the idea has a mind of its own and I’m just on the ride.

I am someone who is in awe of nature. I am very passionate about looking after the planet and being grateful for the amazing planet we live on. This artwork was inspired by David Attenborough's documentary “A Life On Our Planet” and the ocean currents which carry plankton and life around our planet.


Satisfaction Guarantee

You are purchasing this artwork straight out of my artist studio on the edge of the Cotswolds in the UK. I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase and if you are not you can return the artwork and get a full refund.



FREE delivery for UK with delivery charges for all other countries.

Paintings come safely delivered in a wooden crate.

Average UK delivery time is 2-7 business days
Average USA delivery time is 10-14 business days
Average Australia deliver time is 5-9 business days
Average Europe delivery time is 3-5 business days


Framing your artwork

Original artwork comes ready to hang. You can either hang unframed or you can take to a framing company to have a frame made.


About The Artist

My name is Natalie Ellis and I am a UK based artist who loves to live in different countries, snowboard, surf, wakeboard, kitesurf and generally adventure! I also have a deep appreciation for what meditation and connecting to myself brings into my life. I have also been vegan for many years.

I feel very connected to the Earth and it feels important to me to put nature at the heart of my decisions. None of us are perfect but I do my best.

I have art collectors all over the world who have bought my original art and prints of my art, from places such as Australia, Hawaii, USA, Finland, Dubai, Germany, Switzerland and many other countries.

In 2021 I won an art competition run by WWF and Attenborough Film called Just Imagine. The idea was to imagine what our future would look like if we put nature at the heart of our decisions. I went on to create many artworks for this series and exhibited them in Cirencester in the UK.

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I am available for custom original artwork commissions. Please get in touch for more information.


© Copyright Natalie Ellis
Purchase of this print does not transfer reproduction rights.
Please do not use this image without obtaining written permission from me first.


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